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Young individuals of the land hermit crab Coenobita spinosus

Young individuals of the land hermit crab Coenobita spinosus



Young individual of Coenobita spinosus with 8.14 mm SL

オオトゲオカヤドカリの若齢個体 リンク

I published a paper that could find young individuals of Coenobita spinosus. Forest hermit crab (Coenobita spinosus) is a species that had no discovery of juvenile and no formal report, and it was unclear what that looked like. But this time I could find and wrote a paper. 182 years after being described in 1837, it finally became clear. Since the paper published this time will be in Japanese, I will write the important part here in English.

Here is a Link of paper   Open access

 この度、オオトゲオカヤドカリの若齢個体を発見したので日本甲殻類学会誌Cancerに短報を出しました。性成熟していないことを証明できてないので、幼体ではなく若齢個体と表記しています。本種は1837年に記載されて以来、小型個体の発見と正式な報告が出されておらずどのような姿をしているか不明でした。今回本種小型個体を2個体発見できたので、外部形態について報告しました。言うまでもなく "オオトゲオカヤドカリの宿貝利用と宿貝放棄行動" 調査の副産物です。詳しくはリンクから本文をどうぞ。無料公開です。

First, the upper photo is young individual of Coenobita spinosus. In this connection, there are other photos in the paper. Since it cannot be completely determined whether it is mature, so I notated as a young individual rather than a juvenile

Body color is light brown with black lines.

Eyestalks are short and compressed in sharp.

No series of ridge on left cheliped.

Undeveloped corneous spines are seen in cheliped and walking legs.


Adult Coenobita spinosus with habitat environment